Resound, Widex, and Unitron are the three major manufacturers that we work with.


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We know you have many options for hearing aids. If your hearing aid is not one made by one of these manufacturers, don’t worry and still give us a call. We can still help

Hearing Aid Information

A majority of hearing losses can be treated with a hearing aid. There are many different styles and levels of technology available. Our audiologists are trained to fit the most suitable hearing aid for your specific hearing needs.

After your hearing is evaluated and a hearing aid recommendation is made, we will schedule a fitting appointment. All of our hearing aids are fit under a 30 day trial period. At the time of your fitting a non-refundable professional fitting fee is due. It is effective for one year if you choose to return the hearing aids during the trial period.

The cost of the hearing aid varies depending on the level of technology and style of hearing aid the audiologist chooses for you. Weekly follow up visits are scheduled during the trial period to verify that the settings and fit of the hearing aids are satisfactory. At the end of the trial period, the balance of the hearing aids plus Oklahoma sales tax is due.

After Your Trial Period

After the trial period is complete, semi-annual follow up appointments are made with your audiologist. It is highly recommended that your hearing aids are cleaned in house at least every six months to ensure that they are functioning correctly and meeting your hearing needs. At these visits your hearing aids are inspected for defects and cleaned under microscopes using suctions and replacing parts deemed necessary.

Hearing aid that are purchased at Audiology of Tulsa include two years of follow up care at no additional charge. These services include cleaning and reprogramming the hearing aids. Services for hearing aids that have exceeded the end of the first two years, or purchased elsewhere will include a small fee.

We strive to handle all the servicing of your hearing aids at Audiology of Tulsa.

It is common for a hearing aid to need the attention of the manufacturer for repair. Additional charges and warranties may be applied to hearing aids that have exceeded their warranty period. This process usually takes approximately 7-10 business days. Loaner hearing aids are usually available for you to wear in the meantime.

In addition to selling hearing aids, we also have available hearing aid batteries and accessories for your hearing aids. We sell a professional line of batteries that are guaranteed to work for your hearing aids.

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